Floors are the most utilized and mishandled some portion of the building.

Strip and seal cleaning is a high effort and quality process which needs to be carefully done to make sure the protection and a long life of expensive flooring. AS Household and commercial sites are exposed to very high foot traffic and furniture being moved around some general wear and tear and all the mess which can cause damage to the ultimate the finish and its shine overall look of the floor. A perfect strip and seal cleaning process goes in a long way to protect floors from damage and helps in extending the life of the flooring and making it look like new again. Strip cleaning makes the best outcome for the floor and shines it like never before. But most important thing is to choose the right sealing chemicals and process for the floor.


Strip and Seal floor cleaning are normally improved the situation vinyl floors. Right off the bat, the upper layer of the floor is expelled which is commonly involved sealer. Before buffing and cleaning the new surface, acrylic and polymer sealer is connected to the cleaned surface. Further, the procedure is done by expelling germs and coarseness from the floor; the strip and seal floor cleaning administration is done to reestablish the floor to its previous and immaculate state. When the soil is evacuated, the floor is prepared for a new layer of sealer.

As of now, the strip and floor cleaning administration have increased popularity because of the continuous utilization of vinyl floors in retail focuses, production line floors, and even office kitchens and restrooms. Vinyl floors are supported because of their sturdiness and high flexibility to a scraped area. The benefits of applying a high-quality floor sealer system to a floor are both the protection and the enhancement of what is a valuable asset.

Our cost can vary in the amount of area whereas we charge $-- to $-- per square meter


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Sealing Equipment :

Polish mop & wringer bucket

Buffing machine

Wet floor signs

Stripping Equipment

Dustmop or broom

Stripper mop


Black hand pads

Wet floor signs

Rinse mops


Rinse mops

Wringer bucket

Wet vacuum or Autoscrubber