Glass of red wine spilt on carpet.

At Sunrise Cleaning Group our technicians are professionally trained to clean all type of rugs and mats using the latest cleaning technology. We apply best specific cleaning methods according to the rug’s current condition and treat them individually with special attention, care and proper cleaning to remove allergens, dust mites, soil, dirt and hair.

We have expertise in cleaning Melbourne of following types of Rugs:

Hand-made rugs: Persian, Chinese, Turkish, Moroccan & Pakistani.

Machine-made rugs: Wilton, Axminister, and Karastan.

Any area rug made from wool, silk, cotton, nylon and olefin.

1. Pre-check for color-fastness.
2. Inspection under UV light to reveal the extent of contamination.
3. Dusting to remove urine crystals.
4. Vacuuming to remove residual urine crystals and underlying dirt.
5. Pre-spotting of soiled areas with special cleaning chemicals.
6. Immersion in our rug-spa solution.
7. Thorough rinsing process to remove all urine traces.
8. Final rug and fringe cleaning process.
9. Optional stain protection treatment and deodorising.
10. Drying.