SMC Commercial

Sunrise Cleaning Group will ensure while cleaning is in progress, cleaners activities don’t disturb staff efficiency or daily activity. Cleaning can be carried out weekly, fortnightly or monthly on basis of your requirements.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Melbourne requirements are stricter than residential.

To match up these requirements we have a professional team of commercial cleaners who can handle toughest cleaning jobs.

To keep your office functional and minimize downtime we offer flexible availability and work at early mornings, late evenings or weekends.

We are aimed to provide quick and in time highest quality cleaning services, whilst offering cheapest price and best possible work environment to your employee.

We do carpet cleaning jobs for almost all commercial places like corporate offices, warehouses, retail stores and production factories. We can get rid of the worst stains like coffee, soft drink, blood, tea, food spills, vomit, wine, pet accidents, oil, grease, nail polish, make up etc…

We use advanced Dry or Carpet Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction Method) techniques to minimize downtime at your work place. We use eco-friendly, non-toxic, safe cleaning materials. We also offer restoration services for heavily stained carpets and can remove stains from different types of fabric. Our technicians are professionally trained to the highest industry standard in the art of carpet cleaning, which enable us to restore the original appearance of carpets.

Why Choose Sunrise for Commercial Carpet Cleaning Jobs?

Dedicated team for commercial carpet cleaning jobs

Flexible timings to minimize downtime

Cheapest Price

Regular Cleaning Contracts available

Eco-friendly cleaning material safe for your employee

99% Stains Removal Guarantee

Work 24/7 in emergency

Latest and powerful equipment

Same day service

All Melbourne and surrounding suburbs

Our Premium Commercial package include:

Clean Toilets, empty bin and replenish soap, toilet paper and Towels

Empty & Reline bins and Waste Bins

Tidy Guest Rooms

Clean kitchen, sinks & Bench top

Wipe/Dust Chair Sofa’s and Furniture

Vacuum all floors

Mop floors

Refilling dirty dishes in Dishwasher