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Sunrise Cleaning specializes in carpet cleaning, working with trained professionals, to solve all your carpet cleaning needs. It doesn’t look good when your carpet gets stained and has dirt marks. Do not use household products to clean your carpet as it often contains harmful chemicals that can ruin your carpet. Whenever you have stains, dirt spots or spills on your carpet, you can always depend on the expert service that Sunrise Cleaning provides to get your carpets cleaned. Our carpet cleaning services have no extra charges and no hidden costs. The products we use to clean your carpets are all natural, nontoxic, biodegradable and safe for people, pets and the environment.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

This steam cleaning method is also called the Hot water extraction method. It is the most recommended method by Sunrise Cleaning for carpet cleaning. This process involves injecting a cleaning solution and hot water deep between the fibres of the carpet, and sucking out all the dirt and moisture from the carpet leaving it fresh and bright. This deep cleaning method is capable of removing soil deep in the carpet, and also removing really bad stains.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

At Sunrise Cleaning, we provide this method of carpet cleaning, by our well trained and professional carpet cleaners, that guarantees removal of many stubborn stains. Dry Cleaning is done in the form of a spray onto the carpet. A rotary agitation tool with an absorbent pad attached is run over the carpet where the dirt is lodged. This method ensures the carpet will dry faster, provides a deep down cleaning of the carpet, removes all spills and stains, and increases the life of the carpet.

Rug Cleaning

Sunrise Cleaning offers a wide variety of rug cleaning methods that are also recommended by rug manufacturers for their particular rug types. We use gentle detergents, water washes and controlled scrubbing for rug cleaning. For Oriental and Persian rug cleaning, a delicate balance of pH solutions is required. We use a variety of cleaning solutions specific to each different type of stain and each different rug type.

Spot and stain removal

Sunrise Cleaning provides affordable and cheap carpet cleaning services in removing spots and stains from your carpet.
With the finest and safest stain-removal products and methods that are specifically designed for carpets, we can remove, or minimize all types of spots and stains on your carpet.

Pet stain and odour Control

With Sunrise Cleaning at your service you do not have to worry about stains and odour from pets being on your carpets. We will provide you with carpet cleaning services even in cases where pet urine may have soaked through the carpet.
In these cases, we have a process that can take care of such situations. We even have a method that can extract pet urine from your carpet padding without removing the carpet.

Water Damage Restoration

Our services include extracting water from the carpet, cleaning it with anti-bacterial agents and other formulas that prevents germs, molds, bacteria and dust mites from being on your carpet. We also deodorize carpets with a fresh perfume that will prevent bad odours. Lastly dry cleaning or steam cleaning of the carpet completes the cleaning process.